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Hey, I got some new shoes on!
Hedeby type 10 inspired, veg. tanned goat hide 2 mm for the main part and veg. tanned cow hide 5 mm for the sole. Really good fit, I'm quite happy with them.
Hedeby-type knife with yew handle
Carbon steel blade, roughly Hedeby type 3, though originally it would have been a flat grind with a micro bevel, this one is a scandi grind with a secondary bevel. I do like my scandi grinds.
Hand-carved yew for handle (finished with the blade, no sanding), bolster 0,8 mm bronze sheet, sheath from veg. tanned goat hide.
Birch and Bone
New knife (best worn on a brooch, that's what the chain is for), very small (14 cm), masur birch, leather and bone for handle, sheath of veg. tanned cow hide 2 mm, stamped, chain of bronze rings, so basically a scandi knife (perfect size and good shape for carving, blade by Nanus) in a viking-style sheath.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
What's the point of waiting for life to come?

LARPer | student | craftsman | tea drinker | viking at heart | dwarf woman | fantasy nerd | pirate
... or not. Depends on how you define ''viking''. Depends on whether you see LARP as a legit platform to ''be a viking'', if you're only in for reenactment/living history, if you count in a mindset or religious attachments or w/e.

I became interested in the Viking era when I was still a kid, watching "Wickie und die starken Männer", getting interested in archeology at the age of 9, being fascinated by the norse beliefs and mythology - both celtic and germanic. Later, starting to listen to Amon Amarth, getting involved in LARP, discovering my fondness for axe, sword and round shield - always with an image of myself as a viking in the back of my head. "Someday, I'll be a viking.''
Though it's not historically accurate and there are a few other things I don't like about it (stupid main character and his stupid colorized blue eyes -.-), I like the overall look and feel of the series ''Vikings''. The interwovenness of the real world and their spiritual world, as percieved by the characters. It has such clear archetypes and speaks to me on an emotional level.

From a historical perspective, it's hard for me to decide on one direction. On the one hand, I really like Svear and Rus, especially the melting of the culture in the region of Birka, the richness in colour, the trading empire. On the other hand, the rough seas of Norway, the fjords and the long journeys undertaken by the Norwegian vikings to Iceland, Greenland, the New World, speak to me on a level of emotionalized wanderlust. A few weeks ago, I went to Haithabu (fascinating, a trading center of the Viking era, in Germany! I've always thought about the vikings as Scandinavian...) and was overwhelmed by the Southern vikings' ways. Glass beads, finely decorated swords, turtle fibulas, bronze jewelery, fine leather shoes, I want all of it.

Finally, I settled on a few options.
- historically accurate ca. 950 AD Southern Norwegian woman in men's clothes, due to practicality when rading. Used in ReenLARPment (historically accurate LARP) and probably reenactment/LH, too.
- Fantasy Birka viking for LARP only, 9th/10th century. My hometown LARP group (the Fenrir of Åsland, belonging to the bigger Åsland group constituting of tribes of nordic barbarians, hunters, celts and ''classic'' vikings - the Fenrir) has interesting approaches to roleplaying and I like the people very much. Also, it's nice to have someone who shares the interest in Birka and Rus. The clothes mostly constitute of historically accurate cutting and sewing, but the colors are often chemical.
- Historicized Birka viking, 9th/10th, also woman in men's clothes for Das Große Heer (biggest German viking LARP group). Let's see if I can do another, more female version for LH that just switches to ''being a man'' when it comes to RFC, the actual combat.

This means: A lot of clothes. A lot of LARP cons and LH conventions to go to. Wolin, Neustadt-Glewe, Ribe, Haithabu...
Let's see how this works out for me. But one thing is certain: I'm having a hell of a ride through the viking era. It's simply to much fun to focus on only one region or only on historical or fantasy. I learned Naalbinding, I learned wood carving, I sew my own clothes, I dye my own wool and fabrics, I make my own jewelery and I love it.


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Oh, I hope not, because he'd be very disappointed to find out it isn't mutual.
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Well that's a shame, because His love is unconditional.
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Yeah, I still don't really get why you would comment something like this on a random profile. ;) It's not like I would be browsing profiles, being all like "Hey, have you ever tried kimchi? It's amazing!".
MilieLitre Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
(I'm going to assume your name is Tanja, sorry if it's not)
TANJA YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(there, I said it!)
Everything you do is so cool! (anyway, sorry for the hysterical burst, I'm usually quite composed but I've seen a bit too much make-up and unecessarily uncovered skin in costumes these days, I guess I just love your take on the whole thing!)
tanjaESK Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That's really nice of you, thanks. :happybounce:
Yeah, I've never really been into make-up and showing sking, I always wanted to be judged for craftsmanship, not showing boob. Glad someone's into it.
Though you got some pretty nice stuff going on, too. So jealous of your Scotland pics... wish I could take some character photos in the Highlands. OMG 
MilieLitre Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016
As my friends would say, naked skin is uncostumed skin ;) (unless you're into body art, but I'm ticklish as hell!)
From what I can see, you're very skilled! It's amazing that you dye yarn yourself. You can do everything!
Scotland was amazing, I was lucky enough to have a friend who would join me in this crazy journey^^ I hope you get to go there too!
ScorpiaRoslin Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Student Photographer
Thank you for the watch :)
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Thank you for the fav! +fav
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Really love all of your dyed yarns!
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